If your chimney is blocked, even partially, you could be in danger of your chimney catching fire, as well as being at the risk of suffering from serious, or even fatal, illness by the effects of harmful emissions being released. These emissions are produced by any heating appliances, including open fires and stoves.

Our chimney sweeping services includes:


Sweeping and cleaning of all the following solid fuel and log burning appliances.

  • Multi-Fuel Stoves
  • Open Fires
  • Log Burners
  • Aga Stoves

  • The removal of birds nests and any other type of debris.
  • We carry out complete safety inspections.
  • We fit chimney pots, cowls and bird guards.
  • Free advice on chimney liners.
  • Smoke Testing and draw testing is avilable.
  • van

    Cleaning the chimney


    1. Chimney sweeping is an efficient and clean process
    2. This means eliminating the build up of soot from coal, wood, oil and gas fire systems
    3. It means clearing obstructions such as birds and animals nest, leaves and building debris, even cobwebs etc
    4. To help protect you and your home, ensure the chimney is brush swept at least twice yearly

    We recommend that chimneys using the following fuels are cleaned...


    1. Smokeless fuels - at least once a year
    2. Bituminous coal - at least twice a year
    3. Wood - a minimum of once or twice a year depending on usage.
    4. Oil - once a year
    5. Gas - once a year

    Moisture meters can be supplied to measure the moisture content within the wood. (Moisture levels should be less than 20% to avoid damage to your chimney.

    Nottingham Chimney Sweeps also offer a full chimney restoration service.




    Didn’t realise how clean a chimney sweep could be, after using a chimney sweep for over 10 years, my chimney sweep retired so looked on google and found Nottingham Chimney Sweeps, Mark was so clean and tidy and covered all my carpets, so happy I choose Mark from Nottingham Chimney Sweeps, have recommended him to all my friends!

    Sandra Cunningham 27/02/2013